Fall Lax for the Cure Rostering Directions

Fall 2019

Player Waiver/Profile Instructions:

  1. Click here to self-roster and and complete your waiver
  2. Click on begin player – self rostering.
  3. Click on graduation year or division that the player is playing in.
  4. Select the team on which you are participating.
  5. Complete the required fields and submit your waiver.

Trouble with the the player self-rostering?

Please email Todd at  tgreenwald@teamsportsinfo.com or Ann Massey: support@teamsportsinfo.com


Some trouble shooting for the coach/manager for the club ... go thru the above process and make sure that your teams are in the appropriate divisions and have the correct names before sending out the instructions to your team.

Each player will receive a user name and password.  This user name and password can be used to update the player's profile at a later date ***especially for SAT scores, etc.

As a coach and/or manager, you can log in using your username and password and check the status of your players.  In addition you can add a team photo.

If you have trouble or if your player has trouble with this process, please have them contact:  tgreenwald@teamsportsinfo.com