Lax by the Sea


Date: July 16, 2020

Teams Attending

  • 2024/25 Black

Date: July 17, 2020

Teams Attending

  • 2026 Black
  • 2027 Black
  • ͏͏͏͏͏2028/29 Black

Contact Info

Jessica Grom Shoulberg
(908) 879-3938

General Information

3/4th Grade (2028/2029):

  • 12 v 12 full field rules
  • No Checking
  • 3 Second rule for good defensive positioning is implemented.
  • NO minimum pass rule
  • The 4 goal rule will NOT be used

5/6th Grade (2026/2027):

  • Modified checking
  • 3 Second Rule for good defensive positioning
  • NO minimum pass rule
  • The 4 goal rule will NOT be used

7/8th Grade (2024/2025):

  • Full Checking
  • The 4 goal rule will NOT be used


Two 18-minute halves with a running clock. There will be a 2-minute halftime and 2 minutes between games.
All teams should be warmed up and ready to take the field for the next game.
There will be one central horn used for all timing.
1 horn to signify the beginning of the game.
1 horn to signify the beginning and end of halftime.
1 horn to signify the end of the game.

Score keeping

  • There will be a flip chart and score sheet on all fields.
    Officials will record the scores and coaches will sign off on them.

  • Coaches are responsible for changing the flip charts. All official scores will be kept at tournament headquarters.

Inclement Weather Policy

Inclement weather is out of the control of the tournament directors, officials and site managers. Safety is our #1 concern.

In the event of thunder and/or lightening, all games will be suspended for 30 minutes from the last occurrence.  Games will resume at their regularly scheduled time.  No games will be made up or delayed.

The tournament will be held in the rain.  In the event of heavy rain, it is up to the tournament directors, officials and the site managers as to whether the field(s) is/are deemed safe to play on.


Lax by the Sea will follow all US Lacrosse & NFHS Rules as it pertains to each age level with the following tournament specific modifications:

There are NO timeouts

During an injury timeout, clock will run.

8-meter shots will be played out if the horn sounds for the end of the game or half. If the 8-meter is already in play when the game horn sounds, then the game is done at the time of the horn. If a shot is in flight and was released from a stick prior to the horn and goes in the goal, the ruling is “good goal.” (same ruling as USL) more...

Play-off overtime (FAST AND FURIOUS)

The first team to score wins. Each team will select three players plus a goalie to play full-field 3v3. Teams will set up with one girl on the draw and two on the circle. There is no offsides. The alternate possession will continue into the overtime period and will not reset.

Playoff seeding determined with the following tie-breakers in order

  1. Record
  2. Head to Head
  3. Goals Against
  4. Goal Differential
  5. Coin Toss

** Play-off games will be one 18-minute game, running clock, no half time, and no timeouts. **

** In play-off games: The higher seeded team will receive the first alternate possession. **

** If there are any forfeits, the average goals against in total actual games played will be added to the total goals against to the team that won by forfeit. **

Venue Information

New Egypt High School
117 Evergreen Road
New Egypt, NJ 08533-1207