T3 Fall Face Off

November 10, 2018

Teams Attending

  • 2020 Fall Black

November 10, 2018

Teams Attending

  • 2021 Fall Black

November 11, 2018

Teams Attending

  • 2022/23 Fall Black

General Information

Each team will have  3 games on full fields.

ALL teams will play in flighted pools based on competition level that is chosen by the coach/club manager!!

Game Length

  • Two 20 minute halves
  • 2 Minute halftim
  • 3 minutes between games


THIS IS A SHOWCASE EVENT! There will be no playoffs or championships!


NO TIMEOUTS allowed.
During an injury timeout, clock will run.

  • 2 Yellow cards - the player must sit the remainder of the game. And may return to the next game.
  • RED card - the player must sit the remainder of the game and the NEXT game.
  • RED card (coach) - the coach must leave the game and remain away from the game until the completion of the game.

Please Read Important Info below in regards to Diamond Nation's Cooler Policy!

 Diamond Nation is an all turf facility. Teams are only allowed 1 cooler per team. Team coolers are required to be checked in at Diamond Nation headquarters, which is located directly inside the facility gates and will be tagged. Personal coolers are NOT allowedDiamond Nation facility staff will check while entering the facility and personal coolers are not allowed inside. Waters should be put in player's bags.  No drinks or food will be allowed on the turf playing fields other than water. Food will be available on site.

Score keeping

  • There will be a flip chart and score sheet on all fields.
    Officials will record the scores and coaches will sign off on them.

  • Coaches are responsible for changing the flip charts. All official scores will be kept at tournament headquarters.

Play-off overtime (FAST AND FURIOUS)

The first team to score wins. Each team will select three players plus a goalie to play full-field 3v3. Teams will set up with one girl on the draw and two on the circle. There is no offsides. The alternate possession will continue into the overtime period and will not reset.

Playoff seeding determined with the following tie-breakers in order

  1. Record
  2. Head to Head
  3. Goals Against
  4. Goal Differential
  5. Coin Toss

** Play-off games will be one 18-minute game, running clock, no half time, and no timeouts. **

** In play-off games: The higher seeded team will receive the first alternate possession. **

** If there are any forfeits, the average goals against in total actual games played will be added to the total goals against to the team that won by forfeit. **


Inclement Weather Policy

Inclement weather is out of the control of the tournament directors, officials and site managers. Safety is our #1 concern.

In the event of thunder and/or lightening, all games will be suspended for 30 minutes from the last occurrence.  Games will resume at their regularly scheduled time.  No games will be made up or delayed.

The tournament will be held in the rain.  In the event of heavy rain, it is up to the tournament directors, officials and the site managers as to whether the field(s) is/are deemed safe to play on.

Venue Information

Diamond Nation
129 River Road
Flemington, NJ 08822