Team Policy & Alternate Status

Once a student athlete becomes a member of South Jersey Devils, it is their responsibility to commit themselves to making every practice to prepare for the summer tournament program.

The high school sports seasons and the player's respective school (or town) practices will take precedence over Devils practices. Once the high school season (or youth season) is completed, we expect players to attend every practice.

Players who are unable to commit to required activities or exhibit questionable or inappropriate behavior detrimental to the team environment will be replaced by an alternate. This includes, but is not limited to, being a member of a comparable club team.

Alternates attend all practices and get a uniform.

Black Alternates have the potential to be moved to the corresponding Black Team if/when a corresponding position becomes available.

Red Alternates have the potential to be moved up to the corresponding Red Team if/when a corresponding position becomes available.

South Jersey Devils has the right to adjust players between Black, Red, and Alternate teams as needed.