The Grind

Date(s): July 9-11, 2021

Teams Attending

  • 2023/24
  • 2025/26
  • 2027

Contact Info

 Chelsea Sandone
(484) 302-5057

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General Information

Weather Policy - We play an outdoor sport and are subject to elements that are out of the tournaments control. The majority of tournament expenses are paid prior to the event. As such, in the event of inclement weather and full games are missed, there may be a portion of your fee refunded or credited towards the following years. We will NOT refund or credit for portion of games being missed. Under no circumstances will any refund or credit be offered to any individual player or family. All issues surrounding missed games will be dealt with between the tournament and team Coach or Director. Teams will be notified with in 2 weeks after the event if they are eligible for a partial refund OR credit due to any missed games. The tournament reserves the right to alter all game schedules in order to keep the tournament participants safe and/or to keep on time.